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Giving and Receiving: Blog of Boxes Continued

March 21, 2014

We didn't think the clothes boxes would have a chance of making it before convention, but by some miracle they did. Since God got the boxes here before convention, I figured He would give the strength and wisdom to pack up a bag for each of the pastors families.

Luke got the boxes to our Jungle house late Thursday night before convention. That left me Friday to Monday to pack up 100 bags of clothes. Prayer for the 19 Bible School Graduates began on Friday morning, so my time was extremely limited. I recruited some PK's  (pastor's kids) who were on campus, to help me brainstorm as to the number and sizes of the PK's in each family... which again numbered into the hundreds. We started off giving the Door of Hope kids about 5 outfits each, before we started packing the pastors' bags.

As is my style, we made a party out of it, and had ton's of fun. I got one of our PK's to hook up lights in the room we were working in so we could work at night as long as the generator was on.  My teen helpers did great, and never complained even when we worked through mealtime. I of course let them keep a few things they 'loved' along the way.:) And Olivia kept us supplied with cold water, and chocolate that we found at the bottom of one of the boxes. :) (thanks, Erin!) And Dad made me a pot of Biggby Hazelnut coffee, to keep me smiling, and stoke my energy level. (thanks, Hannah!)

Dad's wife, Joy, and my almost teenager, Olivia were huge blessings, either helping me pack bags, so I didn't have to work solo, or watching the kids, and overseeing meals and cleanup, while I was downstairs working. I had two nights, the first and last night, where I experienced insomnia, like Mom used to when she was over wired and over her head in a big project. My brain just would not shut down. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw boxes and boxes, and bags and bags of clothes. I was stressing a little, whether what we packed would fit, or if they would like it, or if I had forgotten someone. In the dark at 2:30 am, I encouraged myself in the Lord. I just needed to ride the wave of grace that started with Erin and Dawn in Michigan and our precious friends at Calvary. This wave had washed these boxes of beautiful clothes and school supplies on our sandy shore. He didn't want me worrying like it was my project, 'cuz it was His from start to finish. The Lord gives the strength to finish with joy what He starts.

From Friday to Monday, then all week long during the convention, I spent every spare minute in the room below Dad's house working on making outfits and filling bags. The wonderful packing team at Calvary, had taken the time to pack the 22 boxes of clothes according to size. They had separated boys' and girls', men's and women's, and babies'. This really made the job so much easier. It was amazing that we had enough clothes for everyone.... and they were such beautiful things, that we knew they would be appreciated.

We spent part of Wednesday and Thursday afternoon handing out the bags at the beach that we had packed. The response was amazing... all positive. People were so happy to receive the red and white striped bags with their name on it, and such nice things inside.

Thank you to all who had a part in this immense project.  It's fun to receive... it's more fun to give. :)

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