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April 4, 2014

When my husband, Mitch, and I went to the Door of Hope Orphanage, I realized two things. First, how much I don’t rely on God. Second, how distracted I can get from my daily walk with Him.

On the way over to Palawan, there were several events that happened that I had no control over. I had no choice but to ask God to protect us and guide us. While I was at the orphanage, I saw and heard about different times where there was nothing to do but simply pray and wait for God to lead.

We all know that we get distracted from growing closer to God, but I never realized just how distracted I do get.  In America we spend so much time trying to find different ways to entertain ourselves that we often forget about the people around us and our wonderful Creator.  With no TV, phones etc. it was easier to be productive and I felt that I had a lot more time to spend with other people.

One of the things that I was privileged to help with while at the orphanage was teaching them to play the flute and the clarinet.  It was clear to me that learning these instruments was really important to them.  Each day I spent 2-3 hours working with these students and 2 teachers to help them be able to play the flute and clarinet.  Each of these individuals worked not only during these sessions, but then practiced for hours on their own afterwards.  Why did they want to learn these instruments? They wanted to use these instruments to glorify God in church! What better reason to learn to play these instruments? I will always be thankful for the time I spent over there getting to know the orphans and the staff that run the orphanage.  I really enjoyed the experience of getting to know the people over there and showing them other opportunities to serve God through music.  I hope I get the chance to go back over there to see my new friends, but if not, I know will see each other again in Heaven.

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