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A Jungle Visit - Part 1

May 17, 2014

It had been 11 years since we had visited my sister in law, Annie, who is married to my husband’s brother, and their children in the Philippines. Thankfully, they have traveled to America a few times in that span of years but it was now our turn to fly to their side of the world.

Flying through the bustling city of Manila made our arrival in Puerto Princesa all the more welcoming since I prefer a less crowded environment. But what made the arrival sweet was getting to surprise Annie with an unexpected guest who had been able to accompany us. Annie’s niece, Desireѐ, made secret, last minute plans to visit. Gotta love surprises, especially when it’s with Annie!

The extra suitcases we packed with surprises made our arrival even more fun as we opened belated birthday gifts and even musical instruments sent over by a generous donor.

We traveled from Puerto Princesa to Door of Hope in 2.5 hours. That drive used to take 4-5 hours through rivers and over a mountain with hairpin turns. Eleven years changes things. And they are good changes. One of the best changes is the increase in my nieces and nephews. Eleven years ago we had one niece and nephew and NOW we have 6!

We enjoyed a lot of FAMILY TIME!

Exercising Time.  (Disclaimer: Potty training boys may be wearing briefs)

Reading Time.

Game Time. Evening Risk games were the boys fun. Jonathan (age 11) and David (age 7) were serious opponents to contend with. Jonathan won twice!

Jonathan's crab.

Fresh fruit for breakfast!

Baking Time. Chocolate chip cookies!

This beautiful beach is a 10 minute walk from the orphanage.

Since we celebrated Mother's Day while we were there, we enjoyed a Girls Day Out. Activities included a fish spa, massage, lunch and even a little shopping. Being the penny pincher that I am, I haven't been able to justify the spa stuff here in the US. But on Palawan it's a different story. And doing it with these girls made it the best.

And a great line up of fun, loving cousins. We visited the Underground River with a boat tour in the dark quiet cavern. As we passed through the cathedral section we sang acapella to the delight of other boats nearby. The acoustics are amazing  and if anyone has heard Luke and Annie's family sing, you know the harmony is well done.

More next time on Door of Hope.

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