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A Jungle Visit - Part 2

June 9, 2014

The Door of Hope Children's Home is a family environment with a boys side and a girls side in one large 3 story duplex built in the jungle,  just a 10 minute walk from the ocean.

The school age children meet on the bottom level in a classroom where they work on paces with the help of the teachers, learning English which is one of the official languages of the Philippines. The school year runs from June through March.

The piggery is not just providing meat for the campus, but it also provides cash through the sale of live pigs. Caleb and I enjoyed visiting the 70 plus pigs because the little ones were entertaining to watch.  A delicious pig roast was prepared on the beach with volleyball games, ocean swimming and a bonfire after sunset.

Buko juice is fresh coconut water which was our beverage of choice for the pig roast.

I came away from our visit impressed with how challenges are faced and tackled. This life on this earth will never lack in difficulties. What do we do with the hard times? A mulitiple choice question! 1.) Develop a victim mentality because it obviously can't be your fault. 2.) Look for an easier road.  Maybe. Hopefully not. Relationships are important and in this jungle setting it encouraged me to see they are keeping short accounts. Life can't  be perfect, but it can be redeemed.  Each day we have many choices and each choice affects our future in small ways that lead to great differences.

David has a green thumb in this jungle garden.

Beach volleyball!

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