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Breakdowns and New Tires

August 21, 2014

Saturday, August 2, (Facebook Posts from Puerto)11am  Good-bye! The car is full to the brim w kids and bags and a turkey. The trailer is piled high with misc stuff weighing over a ton: 50 chairs, 10 guitars, a washer, and a diesel engine among other things. I'll miss you, Island Coffee latte! But at least the internet is much faster out at the ocean overlook near our house, than it is here in Puerto!

12:30pm - Trailer was overloaded, and needed a repair.... Make that one more tall Island Coffee Latte! Hanging out at the mall w 6 kids while Luke has our mechanic check out the trailer.

5pm -  Back on the road, 4 hours later! Our trip will be partly in the dark. Just glad we got to spend the 4 hours at the mall, instead of broken down by the side of the road in the mountain jungles! #alwaysanadventure

11pm - The rest of the story: We were on our way home to Quezon. But while Luke got the trailer repaired, we took a four hour lay over at the mall. It's on the way out to San Jose just past the Adventist Hospital. Luke got the trailer repaired, but 30 min down the road, the wheel of the trailer fell off. So we disconnected it, hired a man to watch it, and Luke brought us back to Puerto. He's gone back now to get a load of stuff from the trailer. Don't know when we'll try again... Monday or Tuesday when the trailer is repaired. So thankful we're all alive and healthy and snug in our beds, all except Luke. Pray for alertness.. He doesn't do well driving when he's tired. He took a cup of coffee with him.

Monday, August 4 - Still here, obviously!  The trailer repair was completed by 4 this afternoon. So Luke decided leave tomorrow morning to go back to our home in the jungle, instead of driving most of the way in the dark tonight. So we'll give it another try tomorrow!

Journal Entries (no Facebook in the Jungle)
Tuesday, August 5 - Arrived at the Door of Hope from Puerto, had a flat tire on the way Prayer Request: New Tires for our truck. After about a year on these rough roads, all the tires are bald, and the metal inside the rubber that holds the tire together, is starting to fall apart and poke through the rubber. Soon the vulcanizing shops won’t put patches on them anymore.

Wednesday, August 6 - Today was the first day of Luke’s two weeks of teaching. He is teaching the Beatitudes in the Bible School. This afternoon, Luke went out, planning to canvas the local neighborhoods for rice for sale, as we’re almost out. We have 80 people and a sack of rice lasts 2 days, if we stretch it. So we go through a lot of rice. When Luke went out, another tire on the truck was flat. So he tried to repair the two flat tires with fix-a-flat, but found they were irreparable.

Friday, August 8 - Luke and I went up to the signal site, a 5 minute walk, to try to send a note to Dad about Luke’s tires. PTL- we were able to send the email. This was the first time to use this signal site for gmail. The signal is in and out, so we weren’t sure if it would support internet on our cell phone.

Tuesday, August 12 - Answered Prayer: Dad wrote and said someone had donated money for new tires for our truck. So he's sending an extra wire this month. He sent an exhortation of the Lord's personal dealing with him from Rev. 10:8-10 about “eating the book.” So today I'm singing “Thy words were found, & I did eat them,... and Thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.” and quoting “Great peace have they that love Thy law.”Luke has to finish his week of teaching, before he goes to Puerto to get his tires and some supplies.

Monday, August 19th - uke left for Puerto this afternoon to get new tires, and kitchen supplies, rice and pig food.

Wednesday, August 21 - PTL!!! Luke got home safely from Puerto last night with new tires and kitchen supplies, and lots of pasalubongs, like Shakey's pizza and fruit. :D

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