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A Speedy Recovery

August 12, 2014

Monday, August 11- Joanna D. (14) fell and twisted her knee in gym class. She has had two previous broken bones, and her bones seem to be extremely brittle. I was afraid that she had broken something in her leg. But when I checked it out, it looked like just a bad strain. Nothing looked broken.

Excerpt from a letter to my Dad: We have a student from Baguio, named John Rey, 22 . He’s a really neat guy with a wide range of talents. His student application had just about everything checked from computers to gardening under the “skills and experience” section. ☺ He’s been helping the school kids with a landscaping project. He’s even had some first aid training. When Joanna D. fell last week in gym and twisted her knee, I was gonna wrap it in an ace bandage, and give her some pain killer. But he took over and asked for boiling water. He dipped a towel in boiling water and applied heat pressure to the top and bottom of her knee to soften the tissues. Then he gently stretched it all the way out and then bent it back up, several times. As he was working on it, the pain slowly dissipated, until he could stretch it out and bend it up without any moans and groans from the patient. The other guy students were picking on John Rey, calling him Doctor. But he just took it good-naturedly. They wrapped it up in the Ace bandage for sleeping so she wouldn’t accidentally hurt it more in the night. The next day she could walk on it using people as crutches, and the day after that she could walk on her own with a slight limp. A week later, she’s as good as new. ☺ I was so afraid she had broken something and was gonna have to be rushed to Puerto again.

Tuesday, August 12- Today Joanna D was up and walking, though someone carried her down the steps to school. After that she was up and walking on it, though very swollen, using people as crutches. :) Thank you, Lord, for your mercy!

To the right are pictures of Gym Class in the beautiful beach side classroom.

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