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The Christmas Fun is Here!

October 30, 2014

by Annamarie Pearson


We were all surprised when Luke returned from Puerto last week with his car loaded with all six Christmas boxes. They were unloaded in the house and as soon as we had a chance, we got a knife and started into the first one. They weren't numbered, so it was just like eeny-meeny-miney-moe. We all took turns leaning over the opening-cut of the box to get our first whiff of that good ole USA “Walmart” smell. But soon our house was filled with the smell and it hit us every time we came in again from the outside.


We opened one box each day, and had a ball finding all the treasures packed inside. There were lots of goodies for us, packed in nooks and crannies, all around the Children's home Christmas Packages. We found scented candles, cheerios, and wheat thins, gummy vitamins, Parmesan cheese, and our yearly CBD book order. There were puzzles and games, clothes and shoes. In one box I found a new (well, gently used) Betty Crocker cookbook to replace my antique one that's falling apart, that's been probably passed down from three generations of missionary bakers. :) For the Christian school, there was a globe, a world map, and world map puzzle, lots of flashcards for math and English, and lots of extra school supplies. There was a cake mix and a jar of six different kinds of sprinkles, each with it's own separate opening. Missionary barrels (like in Pollyanna) have come a long way. :) This may seem like normal everyday stuff to you that you could run to pick up at Target, or Walmart. But here, all this stuff is like gold. Cuz we can hunt and hunt in every store in town and not find any of it. Or if we do it's being sold at black market prices and way out of our missionary budget.


We peeked at the packages for the kids. I was overwhelmed as I am every year, at the outpouring of love each of you show in packing your gift bag for the name you choose. So much time, thought and tender care went into each package.

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