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Christmas Trip to Puerto

March 16, 2015

Christmas Trip to Puerto

By Annamarie and Olivia Pearson


We want to say thank you to those who contributed an extra gift during Christmas time, to help with the extra expenses of taking the “Door of Hope” children to Puerto.


Here's an excerpt from Olivia's letter to a friend about the trip:


“We had a great Christmas break. All of the Door of Hope went to Puerto to attend a wedding, on December 22 for one of our teachers, and to spend Christmas there. On Sunday, December 21, the Door of Hope School choir and “orchestra” did a Christmas program at one of the Puerto churches. On Monday all of the Door of Hope school was in Teacher Sarah's wedding. Teacher Sarah and my mom rented wedding clothes for all of us kids. We were a part of the wedding processional with the rest of the wedding party. We older kids were a part of the orchestra. The younger kids lined the aisle, the boys with bubbles, and the girls with flowers. Then when Teacher Sarah came down the aisle, the boys blew their bubbles, and the girls tossed their flowers. It looked really pretty. Later our choir sang “Love will be our Home.” At the reception, we did our choral Christmas program again, and played “The First Noel” on our instruments. Then we sang Happy Birthday to Teacher Sarah, since she got married on her birthday.


After all of the work of the performances was over, we spent the rest of the week in Puerto doing fun stuff all together everyday. Tuesday, we went to the crocodile farm, then out for ice cream. Wednesday, we went to a big store called Unitop, and dad gave all the kids their own spending money. We had fun shopping, then we all went to Baywalk (it's like a boardwalk on the ocean) where we rented bikes and rode bikes until dark. Thursday was Christmas; and Friday was Gloria's birthday. We had a water balloon fight with 300 water balloons that Alice sent us in the Christmas box from the States. In the afternoon, we all went to Robinson's, the new mall in Puerto. Dad gave all the kids their own spending money again, and we all split up into groups and had more fun shopping. Some of the younger kids jumped on trampolines; some of the boys spent their money on games and snacks. :) On Saturday, we all went home to Caliagon, to the Door of Hope.”






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