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June 26, 2013

Azariel became a part of the the Door of Hope in September, 2011. He's 14 years old and had lived all his life in his uncle's home who is a pastor in our fellowship. Because of his uncle's bone TB and subsequent paralysis, we have accepted Azariel into the Door of Hope. He has never been able to walk. His new “siblings” are thrilled with his addition, and with the laughter and joy he brings to the home. His new older brothers happily carry him wherever he needs to go. His cheerful attitude, despite his disability, is a challenge to all of us to be content in whatever situation we are in.

He has learned to read and write since coming to live at the Door of Hope. Though he started going to school several different times, eventually the older kids got tired of carrying him to and from school everyday, so he never ended up finishing first grade before coming to the Children's home. He'll be starting third grade this year.

At our Orphanage property, we only have electricity in the evening when the generator is turned on. There are days when I would give just about anything for a fan. But according to my kids, the heat's not a problem for Azariel. While everyone else is sweating buckets, he sits in "luxury." He just lays back and flips a switch and voila... he's got his own personal fan. As the story goes, he collected old flashlights, and batteries, and a motor from a broken remote control car. Now he's rigged up a rechargeable battery operated fan. I'm jealous.. ;) No, I'm really impressed. We might have the next Thomas Edison studying in our third grade!!!

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