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Visit to Baguio

November 11, 2013

Baguio was really amazing. In Palawan... We spend most of our time with Christians. But in Baguio, this couple who are new Christians took us to house after house of relatives who are pagan, but hungry and ripe for the gospel. By pagan, I mean animists, who pray to ancestors, go to witch doctors for medicine, believe that all nature has it's own spirit, and spend their lives trying to appease the angry spirits. At the same time these people are professionals, many with good jobs and nice houses. It felt really good for us to do what we love for a few days... reaching out and loving the lost. It's definitely different to be on the front line. I feel like on Palawan we do the support work: Supporting and encouraging pastors, working with the orphanage and all the administration duties that go along with that, and then the Bible School, training the next generation for kingdom ministry. I know our job on Palawan is necessary. But oh, my heart longs to be saturated with love and burning with compassion for the lost.

I guess I'll close for now. We're home in Puerto now and I'm packing everything up tonight while working on 10 loads of laundry, so we can get an early start tomorrow. We'll be gone Wednesday to pick up the kids, and back Thursday to get the upstairs ready for Mitch and Becky. Can't wait to see my baby tomorrow... and Olivia, Gloria, and David. Tan and Bubbies are excited too. Sending lots of love your way... Annie.

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