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Current Needs

Opening our hearts to hopeless children in the Philippines has been a natural response to the need that God set before us. Now we find ourselves caring for about twenty precious children ranging from toddlers to teenagers. We began this journey in 2001 when God put the challenge in the heart of the founder, John Stutzman. Others embraced the vision with him, including his wife, Joy, and his son-in-law, Luke and daughter, Annie.

John and Joy    Luke and Annie

A suitable place was found (twelve beautiful acres intersected by a pure stream). A supply of fresh water was obtained by installing a three inch pipe about a half mile up stream, providing adequate water for all the needs of the Door of Hope. About three acres have been planted mainly to pineapple plants and citrus trees, along with various other fruit trees. By the end of 2007, four buildings were completed and the time had come to launch the long awaited ministry to children in desperate need.

The funds that were required to bring the vision to reality were immense by our measuring stick; but God supplied as we did our best to take one step at a time with Him.

The need of a basketball court previously mentioned has evolved into a much bigger project; and we intend to take the first steps toward its realization in February of 2011. We now envision it as a multipurpose covered basketball court with bleachers along each side. The court will double as a convention hall for our twice yearly gatherings of the Pastors of Philippine Christian Fellowship. The space under the bleachers will be utilized as housing, office space, and school rooms as the need requires. We will begin by leveling the area to prepare it for pouring cement. As the finances become available we will obtain architectural drawings for the roof structure. Then we will order the material and begin the installation of the steel posts and beams and the metal roof.

A rough estimate of the cost is $50,000.

We need to construct an office building to which all visitors will be directed when coming to the property.

A multipurpose cement pad for drying rice for milling, and for children to ride bikes, etc.

A playground and playground equipment.

We would like to develop a small hydro-electric plant, utilizing our water power to generate our electricity.

Our Precious Children...

"We are responsible for the many needs of these children. We look at them as though they were our own. We could not bear to send them back to where we found them."

Door of Hope Palawan Orphanage - Current Needs

Door of Hope Palawan Orphanage - Current Needs

Door of Hope Palawan Orphanage - Current Needs

Door of Hope Palawan Orphanage - Current Needs

Door of Hope Palawan Orphanage - Current Needs

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